Vitality Coaching in a nutshell: Disrupting the cycle of chronic stress

For the next few days, I will be accepting applications for a build-out cohort for the online delivery of my flagship program, Vitality Coaching.

This is a four-month group curriculum will cover the essentials of Vitality, to disrupt chronic stress and the ravages of sitting all the time, and recover your energy.

Most people are stressed out of their mind. Our culture values intensity at all times, but that is a recipe for burnout. By the end of the course you will discover and practice a variety of:

* Nutrition strategies, so you can just eat healthfully naturally
* Movement tactics and fitness training that won’t crush you
* Body-Mind interventions to bring balance to the stress response

AND you will experience Results-Based Coaching, so you only do what WORKS for YOU.

There are only 5 spaces available, so I’m starting out with just a few friendly faces I know! If you want to find out if this is right for you, let’s chat! Schedule a discovery call

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