Trick or Treat – Eating Season Begins


It has begun… the eating season. This is the first in a series, to start a discussion about how to really get the most enjoyment out of seasonal specialties while maintaining a healthy balance through New Year!!


Here are some tactics on how to survive Halloween candy. Let me know what you are going to implement!


ONLY EAT YOUR FAVORITE. Don’t have just anything because they’re there. Make a really specific plan in advance of how many is plenty, and really enjoy it!
HAVE A DIFFERENT SNACK STRATEGY for yourself. Dehydrated fruit or omega-3 packed nuts.
EAT FIRST. Only eat candy after a full meal, to blunt the unfavorable insulin response of pure sugar.
PHOTOJOURNAL. take a picture of each and every candy you eat, keep an honest tally. it gives you a PAUSE, so you can DECIDE if you really want more. This is HARDCORE, but easy to implement if you choose to.
BOUNCE BACK from candy binge. One day doesn’t have to stretch for days. get right back into your regular meal routine, which probably does not include cheap kids candy daily.
OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. Don’t wear out your willpower resisting all day every day. Put the stash in a high cupboard, or the freezer or something.
GET RID OF EXTRA. Donate it to your local anything. If it is in your house, it will eventually be eaten. Too much is too much.
THERE WILL ALWAYS BE CANDY. You don’t need to gorge to tide you over to next Halloween!
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