Plant the Seeds of Greatness

February is Plant the Seed of Greatness Month

gardener planting a row of seeds

Kicking off with Celtic holiday Imbolc, which celebrates being halfway to spring, seeds deep in the belly of the earth begin to stir below the surface.

foggy morning, halfway to spring

The frenetic energy of resolutions have faded, and now we can take some time to consider what it will really take to start to bring what we want into our life.

Instead of burning out from sweeping changes, consider starting small by planting a seed, that will grow and provide resources and assets for the future.

Define greatness

Choose two or three long term goals for your future. Then take time to reflect on what you can DO to improve your situation.

Acknowledge and embrace the environment

sprouting through rocks

Work through current problems and make choices that eliminate barriers for the future.

Understand, you have to plant the seeds of greatness in the “dirt” (& ish) of your own life.

Ask, What seeds am I planting?

If you plant a cherry pit, you may wish for an orange or coconut, but you will get cherries.

You’ll accomplish more if you start now.

Ask, What area of my life needs nurturing?

What we appreciate grows in value. Tal Ben-Shahar shares, “When we appreciate the good, the good appreciates.”

Like seeds need light and water and nutrients, our internal seeds must be tended with attention, encouragement and appreciate, for our potential to blossom and fruit.


A gratitude practice (noticing what’s going well, our strengths, talents, goodness) strengthens our ability to cope with daily emotional stressors. This creates a more balanced perspective with our intrinsic focus on the negative.

Embrace the struggle

Change is uncomfortable. Always. Love yourself, even when you fail.

Look beyond failed “solutions.” To create a different reality, ask different questions.

Forgive others, and forgive yourself, and avoid the trap of comparison. Living with bitterness, envy, and regret will destroy your happiness, and is a big waste of time!

Be open to recieve

Believe in yourself, and your future.

You cannot control when your seeds sprout or blossom, and you cannot make yourself blossom before your time, but intentionally cultivating positive experiences, emotions, and thoughts in your daily life will transform the future.

lone tree Lucian+Milas

What will you do today that your future self will thank you for?