The pressure has been building, my mind electrified with the energy of the project I’ve spent the last year getting ready for. I’ve been studying, I’ve been taking notes. I’ve been talking about it, I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been getting certified, licensed, branded. My quiet voice kept telling me ‘be ready, you don’t know who is out there that needs you!’
But sometimes that voice has to get a little loud, ‘THIS IS FOR YOU, PAY ATTENTION.’
So yesterday, I was doing my online thing, per usual, and my “calling” started *shouting* at me to reply to a post in my extended community. I gave the help I could in context, and it made me starkly aware that this *is* what I’m supposed to be doing.
I don’t know who is out there who needs my help — someone that didn’t post, someone just lurking (like ME most of the time). If I’m not “OPEN” for business, they wouldn’t be able to get what they need!
I can’t sit here thinking about it anymore, it is HAPPENING, whether I’m ready or not!
The topic of self-doubt has come up several times, and my spirit whispered that the fear in self-doubt is how you know that you are really onto something…
I meditated on that thought all evening and this morning. The pressure in my chest, the tightness in my throat and the buzzing urgency were going now now now now. I gathered my nerve and I took a leap of faith that I am ready.
I just opened accounts for my nutrition coaching and personal fitness delivery platform and, like a little naked baby, my business is out there to start growing.
Suddenly the pressure and buzzing stopped, and a calm confident energy welled up beside fear & said ‘come on, let’s go together.’ I have a massive accountability to empower people going forward using my gifts and talents, and now I have the ability to do it.

I’m still a little hyperventilating LOL, I should drink my own kool-aid and do some breathing exercises & get hydrated 😉
Wherever you are in your development, crack on friends! I feel calm and expansive, but also a little in shock. I was just born.

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