Heather Lynn Darby, Nutrition Coach, Online Personal Trainer

Nutrition Coaching

Not sure what to do or what to eat?

  • For vegetarians and people who want to add more plants to their menus.
  • Outcome-based coaching to implement nutrition, fitness, and cognitive strategies YOU CAN DO.

Online Personal Training

Fitness Strategies for people who sit all day at work.
Movement training that won't crush you.

  • Sit to Fit- Movement program for people who sit a lot. Learn exercises and breathing methods to avoid back pain and have more energy.
  • Hourglass Sculpt - Movement program for strong curves.
  • Bespoke programs available

xlnt Vitality Coaching

Stress Reset - breathing, movement, and other techniques to create resilience in the parasympathetic nervous system


Disrupt the cycle of chronic stress and the damage of sitting for a living.

  • More Energy, Less Aches/Pains
  • More Brain Power, Less Stress

Schedule a Consultation

Find your why. If you are thinking about making a change in your fitness or nutrition, or kinda stalled on your intentions, get really clear about your motivation.