Heather Lynn Darby, Online Nutrition Coach an Personal Trainer

Learn to
Eat Intuitively

Gain Resilience from Stress

Chronic Sitting

Does this sound like you?

  • Busy, stressed, and stuck in a chair at work.
  • Frustrated by confusing and conflicting health information
  • Or maybe you know WHAT to do, but wonder WHY you just don't??

Do you want to:

  • Be able to eat intuitively
  • Learn how to "listen to your body"
  • Understand how to develop your motivation and willpower
  • Regain your energy

Find the balance and connections between:

Mind and body knowledge
Strategy and intuition
Logical planning and deep personal growth work

This is your chance to find a better, long-term solution.

Based on science, not fads. Proven results.

Spring Reset Program

Hybrid Coaching and Live workshops with Coach Heather

6-week program March 8 - April 17
Registration closes 3/6/21

"After a year of unhinged events, I wasn't quite ready for 'resolutions' ...this 💩 isn't really resolved yet.⁠

But I need to get back on track..."

Rest and Digest Program

Personal Coaching with xlnt Nutrition and Fitness

Disrupting the cycle of chronic stress
through food, mood, and movement.

xlnt Nutrition and Fitness

Outcome-based coaching to implement nutrition, fitness, and cognitive strategies

  • Nutrition Coaching - for vegetarians and people who want to add more plants to their menus.
  • Fitness Training - for people who sit all day at work. Movement tactics that won't crush you.
  • Vitality Lab - disrupt the cycle of chronic stress and damage from sitting for a living. Body-Mind interventions to balance your nervous system.
Heather Lynn Darby, Nutrition Coach, Online Personal Trainer

As an attorney who spends most of the day looking at a screen and responding to client expectations and deadlines, Heather has made me aware of how to structure my office and my daily routine to alleviate the detrimental effects of chronic stress.

~Carol Butrus, Estate Planning Attorney

From LinkedIn

Heather did an excellent job keeping me on top of my goals. I am very busy so she worked with me through Skype to stay in touch. Highly recommend her.

-Laura McLand

Posted on Google My Business

Heather, You empowered me to have a healthy relationship with food. I can't thank you enough.

~Kaitlyn Monnette, Personal Trainer

Posted on Facebook

I had an eye-opening conversation with xlnt Nutrition and Fitness coach Heather Lynn Darby. She is amazing. So much information and compassion encapsulated into one super nice life-changing lady. I had no idea sitting could actually shorten the front of my body's tendons. WHAT?!

~Juli Havens
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